Thursday, 17 September 2009

Swine Flu

'Don't tell the staff'
The bosses said.
'Let's leave it vague and open.'
'If they should sniff then
We can give out tissues
As a token
Gesture.' 'Yeah' said Mike.
'I like that plan;
Leave procedures unspoken.
They needn't know
We just don't care.'
Mike coughed, he sneezed, he croaked and
Felt his tonsils shout
In screaming pain,
The others thought him joking.
He wiped his brow.
His handkerchief
Had well and truly soaken
Up the sweat that poured
Down his fat face.
And then he started choking.
'Go home' said Pete.
'For after all,
Rules are made to be broken.'
(c) Michele Ranger July 2009

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