Tuesday, 3 November 2009


When I drink
I fall into your bed
Back in love with you.

In the street
I fall on my feet
Just to get to you.

I will follow you
To the ends of the earth.

I fly the sky
In my dreams
Just to reach you.

When I drink I feel so
Good about myself.

I am strong.
I am beautiful.
I am sane

In this sodden world.

When I drink
Your words are worthy.

You inspire
My desire

And I am whole.

I follow you blindly.
You take from me.
You make from me
Something I really am not.

You leach.
You feed.
You use me entirely.

Am I free to go?
I didn’t think so.
Not when you dangle your tail
Like a sheep, like a ram even.
Beckoning, feckless.
Arrogance spectacular.

I follow you
That I might live.
Might love.

Explain to me
Why every day, liar
I die.

(c) Michele Ranger/Lily Childs October 2009

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