Saturday, 12 December 2009

Achievements. Blimey!

On our online Writers Forum at Writing Magazine's Talkback, we were asked to list our writing achievements for 2009. I have to admit I quite surprised myself. Here they are:

* January - Decided to do something serious with all the writing I'd been doing over the years, and started buying Writing Magazine and Writers Forum magazine.

* March - joined Talkback - one of the best things I've ever done. I've never known support like it.

* April - my dark half Lily Childs' first piece ever published on author Matt Hilton's Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers site (TK'n'C) - 'Fashion Victim'. I'll never forget that amazing feeling of having something published for the first time.

* June - entered Sunday Express S Magazine Summer Story competition, judged by Katie Fforde, Jill Mansell, Jojo Moyes and Adele Parks.

* August - started blog 'Lily Childs Feardom' at

* September - won the Sunday Express competition with Summer Breeze! No prize but published with a full interview and article, and nicely illustrated. Plus a follow-up piece in my local paper.

* September - started this blog in my real name at

* December - asked to submit novel to a local publisher when ready.

* December - Lily Childs Feardom awarded a Kreativ Blogger award by crime writer, Col Bury


* Lily Childs has now had eight pieces published on TK'n'C. Some fantastic comments and encouragement.

* Started my mystery/horror novel 'Dispirited'. Am 50,000 words in - so about halfway.

* Was approached by an agent who saw my work on TK'n'C who wants first look at my novel when it's ready

* Won Talkback's 'One Word Challenge' poetry and story once each, and have been shortlisted and runner-up.

* Had an entry in the international Aeon Award competition - didn't win, but at 6,500 words was good writing and editing practise.

* Have an entry in a dark fiction competition - awaiting

* Feel privileged to have been asked to review/read pieces by other writers whose work I respect and enjoy.

* Written a couple of articles for our staff in-house magazine and have been asked for more. Also asked to do some tourism reviews

* Written multiple sets of web guidelines and training manuals

Best thing of all, made some good friends of writers I've met on Talkback, TK'n'C and elsewhere.

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