Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Who Sees?

I choose this cup
But not that cup
And then I change my mind.
Now cup A is
Jealous of cup B.
I pick a less emotional,
Easy-going mug.
And then I make the tea.

I close the door.
I lock the door.
I turn around three times.
I pull the handle,
Tap my key fob
Wondering all the while, who
Spends their time
In watching me.

I spot the cracks.
I jump the cracks.
Knowing what would happen
If I trod on one.
It matters not.
The panic is sufficient
To make me leap.
Or miss the bus that comes.

I reach my desk.
I touch my desk.
I study what’s been moved.
Photo. Here.
Stapler… Here.
The cleaners clean my life up,
Tidy me away.
They shouldn’t interfere.

I hear a voice.
Another voice,
Whispering opinions.
“Twenty Seven”
I say to no-one.
Lucky number keeps me safe
From judgmental eyes.
Why can’t they leave me be?

(c) Michele Ranger/Lily Childs November 2009
Written for a 'One-Word-Challenge - 'Witness' '

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