Saturday, 2 January 2010

SQ - A new voice for Eastbourne's youth

I may not be a youth but I like talent and I like initiative, especially when it's different; even more so when it hails from my own home town of Eastbourne:

SQ - A Review

Talented teens Lewis Scrafton and Corey Pellatt are the masterminds behind SQ - Student Quarterly - a new, free zine aimed at informing and inspiring the youth of Eastbourne.

The A5 glossy is a remarkably quality publication with stunning photography. It makes anyone with an interest in music, art and style look twice. Professionally presented with eye-catching content, even the ads are inviting.

And then there are the articles. From interviews with the town's iconic internet phenomenon 'Big Dave' to exclusives from Hip Hop sensation Bashy and soul/reggae star Kevin Mark Trail, SQ is bursting with cover-to-cover reading.

This quarter's mag looks at education and employment choices, highlighting Bournemouth University, and contrasting the rise of a career-minded BBC runner/director with a hard-hitting story from a young man who makes his living dealing on the streets.

With what promise to be regular features, there are reviews on everything from albums to BlackBerrys, chicken bites to rip-off coffee. The news snaps are short and sharp, and include some welcome rants.

SQ is the new voice of Eastbourne, and it has a great future. Scrafton and Pellatt should be proud.
Find SQ in various outlets and colleges across town.

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