Sunday, 21 March 2010

Updates and News and... it's Spring!!!

It's been a while..., but fabulata - it's Spring at last. Some real heat in the old Sun God up there. Thanks matey.

Any old ways, what's been going on? I've subbed entries to The Brit Writers' Awards, the Fish One Page Story comp and a few online-to-print anthologies. Am waiting on all of them, but no time to hang around so am all ready for articles here and short stories there.

Interviewed the guy behind Eastbourne's Film Liasion Unit this week for an upcoming article - extraordinary dedication. Filming in Eastbourne brings thousands of visitors and pounds to the town - long may it continue.

One of the town's artists, Bryan Budd sadly passed away recently. His son Phillip has set up a website dedicated to Brian and to his artwork. The site also brings awareness about dementia and allows you to make a donation to help research and pay for medication for this very tragic illness.

This week sees the second issue of SQ (Student Quarterly) Zine. Find it in over 100 outlets across Eastbourne. The superbly produced A5 glossy is already up for an award. Lewis and Corey - well done - you deserve it.

Finally, last night - old modette that I am, I went to see Geno Washington & the Ram Jam band at Hailsham Pavilion. Geno was unbelievable. Extraordinary soul funk vocals, his energy is extraordinary. Much to my extreme pleasure he did 'Michael, the Lover' which I'm still playing after all these years, and dance around my kitchen to at least once a week. The song featured in my Sunday Express 'S' Magazine winning story 'Summer Breeze' last year. Read Summer Breeze here...

Enjoy the sunshine, raise your faces to the sky. And as Geno says, 'Thank you, baby, for the joy'.