Friday, 13 August 2010

Tickled Pink

I entered this little ditty into last month's poetry comp over at gorgeous online jewellery store: Dotty Pig. It didn't win, but it was fun entering and I rather like it, so here it is.


Glittering in sequined glory
Polka dots beam round and bright.
Dotty’s got her party frock on.
Out she goes, into the night.

All her friends are playful piggies
Squealing loud and sharing hugs.
Taking seats they compare handbags,
Sipping cocktails served in jugs.

Dancing, dazzle, jewellery flashing
Dotty wows the party crowd.
Legs-akimbo, spinning, twirling.
All her friends applaud, so proud.

Home the girls go to their pillows,
Lovely memories to keep.
Dotty dreams in vibrant colour,
Happy in her beauty sleep.

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